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The deadline for submitting NIGP QPPD Accreditation applications extends through midnight on June 30, 2024. Please ensure that your Accreditation application is complete and submitted before the deadline. VERY IMPORTANT: Entities must have their application completed and submitted before the deadline. Any unsubmitted applications will be archived on June 30, 2024.

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Note: We are referring to "Procurement Departments" with the acknowledgement that each entity may use a different name such
as Division or Unit.

Procurement Departments with current QPPD Accreditation are eligible to apply for Pareto Accreditation, an external and site visit verification of Procurement's strategic function, operations, and best practices throughout the entity, including interaction with stakeholders.

The application fee for the QPPD is $415 for members and $625 for non-members.

Criteria in the QPPD application are based on the values and guiding principles and global best practices. For example, the criteria of mission, vision, and values statements are based on the values of Accountability and Ethics and their guiding principles of applying sound business judgment and maintaining consistency in all processes and actions, respectively.

The Values and Guiding Principles as well as the global best practices and other procurement resources are located on the NIGP website under "Our Profession."

The QPPD provides Procurement Departments with an opportunity to examine how they are implementing and integrating all coursework, seminars, and other information and guidance. A consistent theme throughout the application is the importance of citing written support for the authority and responsibility of Procurement. Procurement professionals must specify which statute, ordinance, code, or section of a manual supports the named activities of the Procurement function.

We strongly recommend that a procurement professional complete the application. Each application will be reviewed by the Accreditation Committee, a team of public procurement subject matter experts, academics, and NIGP staff members. A first review will be conducted and feedback provided. The Applicant will have an opportunity to respond to the feedback. If requested, a second review will be conducted.

Accreditation extends for three years from the date of accreditation. If a Procurement Department earns accreditation, the person indicated in the application will receive a formal letter and certificate from NIGP's CEO Rick Grimm. A trophy will be sent to the designated person. The Procurement Department will be recognized on the NIGP website and at NIGP's annual Forum. 

If a Procurement Department does not meet the minimum score (107 points) for accreditation, it must wait six months from the date of rejection before it can submit another application. The application fee will not be refunded.

We hope the application process provides value to you and your Procurement Department. We have revised the application to include definitions, examples, additional information, and resources.

Please submit any questions to the Accreditation Manager at Accreditation@NIGP.org.